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Elevated Video Inspection Systems
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TreeTop Peeper(tm) Elevated Video Inspection Systems

Cavity Camera entering a red-cockaded woodpecker nest - Click on photo for larger view.
Cavity Camera entering a red-cockaded woodpecker nest
The Treetop is fully extended towards a cavity opening. The close-up photo shows the cavity camera entering a red-cockaded woodpecker nest. These photos were provided by Richard Hendrick of Fort Jackson, SC and Richard Conner of the USDA USFS Southern Research Station in Nagagdoches, TX, respectively.

TreeTop Peeper Overview
We currently have one TreeTop Peeper Inspection System and a multitude of camera choices. This overview should help you select the system and camera that meet your needs. The TreeTop Peeper Video System allows researchers to observe avian, bat and other critter activities in elevated, hard-to-reach locations. The monitors are mounted to the base of the pole and use belt-mounted battery packs. The pole bag is optional.

Wireless Color TreeTop Peeper 4 (WTT4)
This 4-channel wireless system provides a wire-free and FCC license-free method of exploring cavity nests.

Photos taken with Tree Top 2
These cavity nest photos were taken by Dave Richardson using the TreeTop Peeper 2, with L.W. Burger providing technical support on electronic capture of the video images. The two upper photos are red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) nestlings and eggs; lower left: an adult RCW incubating eggs; lower right: a southern flying squirrel.

Wireless TreeTop Peeper 4         Catalog # 2001.0

Wireless Color TreeTop Peeper 4 (WTT4) STI engineering takes pole-mounted video inspection the next step by combining wireless technology with the field-proven TreeTop elevating video camera family. Now biologists can "cut the cable" while they research nests as high as 50 feet in a tangle-proof environment. The Wireless TreeTop Peeper embodies all of the features of the TreeTop cabled system and offers wireless advantages of quicker pole extensions and no signal loss or loss of time due to cable management. The optional STI Wireless Master Receiver serves as a powerful training tool. Educators can add a remote monitor for training and group viewing of watchable wildlife. All without wires! In addition to the standard TreeTop Battery Belt Pack, the Wireless TreeTop transmitter has two lightweight quick-change rechargeable battery packs to operate the camera, lights and wireless transmitter.

The TreeTop Wireless Transmitter includes a "low bat" indicator and two (swappable) NiMh Lab (120 volt AC) batteries. A quick "peak" charger is included for maximum efficiency. This charger will quickly (15 to 20 minutes) "peak charge" the transmitter battery pack then automatically switch to "trickle charge" to prevent pack damage.

The TreeTop Wireless receiver and monitor are powered from the standard 12 volt battery belt pack. This battery provides 10 to 12 hours of field operation on a single charge. The TreeTop includes a battery level indicator that clearly shows the remaining battery level to help schedule recharges.

Your Wireless TreeTop Peeper is fitted with the latest 4-Channel 2.4 Ghz transmitting and receiving electronics. The 2.4 Ghz technology offers numerous advantages over the 900 Mhz single channel units.

  • Up to four systems may be operated in the same vicinity without interference. Each system operates on its own channel.

  • The 2.4 Ghz band offers improved performance with respect to video picture quality and multi-path interference resistance.
  • The 2.4 Ghz picture quality is virtually indistinguishable from the cabled TreeTop Peeper systems.

  • No camera cable to foul in tree branches and less time spent raising and lowering the pole leads to quicker nest inspections.

  • User may add additional receivers to allow wireless remote video recording and viewing, at distances up to 300 feet from the camera!

  • The Wireless TreeTop Peeper is license-free, and the FCC Part 15 approved.

  • The WTT4 camera/transmitter has a lightweight quick-change rechargeable battery pack that operates camera and lights over 1 hour on a single charge (10-15 cavity nest checks). Keep the spare battery plugged into your truck and you're always "good to go."

    System Specifications
    • Two (2) camera battery packs for swapping
    • Computerized quick charger that recharges these packs from 120 VAC or 12 VDC.
    • High resolution color cavity camera w/ 52 degree HFOV
    • 6.4-inch Hi-Res. LCD color monitor
    • On-board twin visible light illumination
    • Hastings Pole extends to 50 feet, collapsing to 5 feet
    • 10-hr. battery pack with charger
    • VCR video output for recording video
    • Quick release mount
    • Battery Tester-Voltage regulator and monitor
    • Electronics case
    1 year warranty

    Options: Pole bag for Hastings pole, WTT4 Wireless 2.4 Ghz 4-Channel Scanning Receiver and exchange 50-foot pole for 36-foot pole.

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    TreeTop Cameras/Upgrades

    All TreeTop Peeper systems can be equipped with specialized cameras to meet client needs. These cameras are for exclusive use with Sandpiper Technologies' TreeTop inspection system and may be purchased with new TreeTop systems or added to existing TreeTop system as an upgrade.

    Cavity Camera         Catalog # 2003.0
    Cavity CameraThis patented color video camera is designed to be inserted into small openings and has been used extensively to monitor red-cockaded woodpeckers (RCWs) and other cavity-nesting birds. The video camera and visible light source point out at a right angle to the body.

    Camera Specifications
    • CCD resolution-512 x 492 (H x V)
    • Pixel elements-251,904
    • Shutter speed-1/60 - 1/96,000
    • Min. sensitivity @ CCD-5.0 LUX @ f .2.8
    • Weight-1.05 oz.

    TreeTop Nuthatch Camera         Catalog # 2004.0

    Nuthatch Camera
    Nuthatch Camera

    TreeTop users now have another specialized camera option for their systems. Designed specifically for a client studying Nuthatch nests, The new Nuthatch camera is an ultra small and versatile color camera.

    The camera is an Ultra-miniature color camera that is only 0.8 inch in size, INCLUDING the two white LED illuminators.

    This specialized camera allows close up work in extremely tiny nests. Camera rotates 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees for maximum visibility. Fully interchangeable with all TreeTop camera systems.

    Camera Specifications
    • 250 line low-resolution CMOS color camera with a pinhole lens
    • Camera rotates 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees

    TreeTop Conversion Upgrades

    STI offers existing TreeTop customers two conversion upgrade paths to get the latest Wireless TreeTop Peeper technology into the field.

    Convert your Monochrome TT2 to a Wireless Color TreeTop 4         Catalog # 2001.1

    STI will always offer our customers an upgrade path to incorporate the latest technical improvements and thus preserve their investment in our products. Using this pathway, your monochrome TT2 system can be upgraded to the Wireless Color TreeTop 4 design by selecting this upgrade path and exchanging your camera and monitor. Your new system will have the following NEW equipment:

    1. Hi-resolution color cavity camera

    2. A large 6.4" color monitor and mount assembly
    (Includes new sunshade)

    3. The wireless transmitter, receiver and battery/charger package

    This upgrade path gets you a complete WTT4 system with 6.4 inch TFT monitor and color cavity camera. Includes a full year warranty on the upgraded system.

    The TT2 to WTT4 Wireless upgrade must be performed at the STI service facility.

    Convert your TreepTop Peeper 3 to a Wireless TreeTop Peeper 4         Catalog # 2001.2

    STI will always offer our customers an upgrade path to incorporate the latest technical improvements and thus preserve their investment in our products. Using this upgrade path, your Color CTT3 system can be quickly and easily upgraded to the TreeTop 4 Wireless design by exchanging the cable spool and related parts for the wireless package. This upgrade path brings your TreeTop 3 system into conformance with the TreeTop 4 spec. Your upgraded system will have the following NEW equipment:

    1. The wireless transmitter, receiver and battery/charger package.

    This upgrade path includes a full year warranty on the upgraded system.

    The CTT3 to WTT4 Wireless upgrade must be performed at the STI service facility.

    (Price includes trade-in allowance for your spool and cable assembly.)

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    TreeTop Peeper Accessories

    12V Battery Pack         Catalog # 9000.0
    This field-proven 12-volt battery (7.0 amp-hr.) powers all TreeTop Peeper video systems. The battery will power systems drawing 400-500 ma. for 10 - 14 hours of continuous use and charges overnight from 120 VAC household current. Will power many 12V items such as camcorders, laptop PC's, floodlights etc. Includes: waist-mounted belt pack, 7.0 AH battery and charger. Fused at 5 amps to protect against overload.

    1 year warranty

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